Rules & Regulations

**Rules and Regulations are subject to change without notice.

  1. The season for which you are paying is May 1st ending the Thanksgiving long weekend. This is a seasonal permit. A deposit is required at the end of the season to secure your spot for the following year. All fees are non-refundable and subject to change.
  2. The tenants RV and any belonging may remain on the site for the off-season provided the security deposit has been paid.
  1. Off Season: The gate at the entrance to HH will be locked for the off season security. This gate will be left open May 1st to Thanksgiving. No services are provided during the off season.
  1. Follow the “GOOD NEIGHBOUR” policy and keep your site in good condition, free of any garbage and accumulated junk or brush. No excess noise before 9:00 am or after 10:00 pm as per RM regulations. Please be mindful of others in the park.
  1. Speed Limit: Follow the posted speed limit. It is for everyone’s safety.
  1. Off-Road vehicles (including ATV, Golf Carts, Side by Sides, dirt bikes etc)
  • Must remain on roadways.
  • Are not to be operated while impaired
  • Must stay out of other lots and fields unless permission is received by the tenant or owner
  • No off-road vehicle riding in the park.
  • Off road vehicles’ must leave the park in a responsible manner
  • You must conform to all RM regulations.
  1. Fires:
  • Campfires are allowed in approved fire puts only, kept small and under control .
  • Absolutely no fires are permitted during times of government issued fire bans.
  • HH has the right to implement a fire ban within the park regardless of the government regulations
  • You must ensure that fires are fully extinguished when leaving. If left unattended (ie: leaving site) and HH has to extinguish, a fee will be charged.
  • Burning of brush and garbage is not permitted in the park under any circumstances.
  • Ashes must be disposed of accordingly at the garbage dump. Under no circumstance are they to be disposed of anywhere within the park or surrounding areas (ie: bush, fields etc).

  1. Fireworks: absolutely no fireworks are permitted without written approval from management
  1. Pet Policy:
  • Pets must be kept on a leash and cleaned up after.
  • Pets are not to be in the surrounding fields at any time or for any reason
  • Tenant is responsible and liable for any damage and/or injuries caused by their pet. HH is not liable.
  1. Water.  Tenant will be required to purchase a tank through HH and it will be the responsibility of the tenant to maintain and order their own water as per below instructions:
  • Ordering Water: Orders will need to be placed through HH and can be either ordered through texting or calling 204-340-6964. If calling, please leave a message as this number will not be answered during the day. When ordering, please ensure that you leave your name and lot number.  
  • Invoicing:  HH will invoice tenants following a fill-up.
  1. Waste Water:  Any wastewater, whether it is grey water or sewage, must be drained into a holding tank. You will be responsible for having it pumped at your own expense and you must conform to all provincial regulations.
  • Ordering Water:
  • Invoicing: HH will invoice tenants following a fill-up.
  1. Electrical Consumption: Outside fridges must be in an enclosed area at all times. Only one fridge, in addition to, the manufactures installed trailer fridge is allowed. These fridges must be cleaned out and shut off, if you are not going to be out for a week at a time.
  • Fridges must be energy efficient models;
  • Exterior lights are to be shut off during the day and when RV is not in use;
  • No additional furnaces and hot water tanks are permitted without management approval;
  • Air conditioners must be shut off when you are not there.
  1. Units of Site:
  • Only one camping unit is allowed per site, with the exception of a pup tent for children within your family. No other tents or campers are allowed on your site without prior approval from management. If replacing your RV, HH must be notified.
  • Decks are allowed the length of the trailer excluding the hitch. Free standing gazebos are allowed if approved by management and may be subject to regulations under the RM of Alexander. You may have plexi-glass or plastic over these screens when RV is not in use or during stormy conditions for the protection from weather only. Gazebos may not be heated with electric heaters or cooled with air conditioners.
  • 1 small storage shed is allowed per site.
  • No trailers older than 10 years may be moved into the park (subject to management approval).
  • All units on the site must be in such condition that they could be removed within 24 hours’ notice. Any new structures that you would like to erect on your site must have drawn plans and approved by HH management prior to obtaining a building permit from Winnipeg River Planning District.
  1. Insurance: The lessee must carry all insurance needs for their site. HH accepts no responsibility.
  1. Occupants:  Only the registered site owner and their current dependents may use your site. The registered owners are responsible for behavior of their guests. Parents must accompany children under the age 18 that are staying at their site. No student groups or house parties of any kind are permitted.
  1. Selling RV’s on Site: is allowed provided that:.
  • You have received permission to sell your trailer on the site. A selling agreement form between the Seller and HH must be signed. This will include:
    • The purchasers are introduced to management before final transaction takes place to assure all rules and regulations are understood.
    • You must be present when prospective buyers are visiting the campsite and provide them with the rules and regulations. We do not show the trailer for you.
  • A trailer may remain for sale provided all fees have been paid in full.
  • Trailers 30 years and older may not be sold on the site and the ownership may not be transferred (subject to management approval)
  • Any tenant that has not paid their deposit to reserve their site for the coming year may not sell their trailer on the site, and must remove the RV by November 1st.
  • Fees already paid for the season may be transferred to the new owners. Please discuss further with HH.

  1. Trailer owners shall not rent sublet or assign site.. No one should be occupying your trailer when you are not there.
  1. Vehicles: Only one vehicle per site unless there is room on your site for a second one (Maximum 2 at any time).
  • Parked vehicles must not be blocking or obscuring any roadways or turn arounds.
  • Your extra vehicles are not be parked on someone else’s site when they are not out.
  • You are responsible for instructing your guests to the rules and instructing them where to park.
  1. Tenant is responsible for keeping their lot neat, weeds and grass trimmed, and the exterior of their RV in good repair. Household furniture (couches, chairs etc.) are not permitted to be used as outdoor/lawn furniture. No garbage or misc. items are to be left outside. If there is a need for Hidden Hills (HH) to do upkeep, a minimum $100.00 fee will apply. HH reserves the right to inspect all sites at any time.
  1. Boats & Canoes:  May be stored on your site for the off season provided that the deposit has been paid. At no time are boats to be parked on roadways or greenspaces
  1. Alcohol and cannabis is permitted only at your campsite. Excessive use will not be tolerated. Unsupervised underage drinking or drug use will be reported to the police and offenders will be banned from HH. Management reserves the right to evict without notice.
  1. Public boat launches are supplied in the area by the RM & Cottage Association. Please respect, keep them clean and follow their rules.
  1. Garbage Disposal: Tags will be supplied by HH for each site should you want one. Please speak with management to request a tag. If you receive one and you are no longer renting a site, the tags must be returned to HH. If a tag is lost, you will be required to pay a replacement cost for a new one.
  1. Tenants are subject to any other such rules and regulations as provided by the RM of Alexander.

Upon violation of any of the above regulations, Management reserves the right to have you vacate your site within 24 hours.